Auto Maintenance and Inspection in Murray

If you are like most Murray drivers then it you will want the most bang for your buck when it comes to auto repairs. The majority of our Murray customers want the maximum miles on the road with the minimum amount of time spent in the mechanics. That is understandable and we appreciate that nobody likes a costly trip to the garage. However, if you want to ensure a stress-free driving experience for you and your family, free of breakdowns and unpleasant surprises then you need to invest in regular maintenance checks from a garage you can trust.

Located in the heart of Murray, Ken's Radiator & A.C. Repair, Inc. offers a unique garage maintenance service. Our mix of unrivalled attention to skill and a client-first approach to customer care means that we stand alone when it comes to garage mechanic excellence. A car, bike or van is a serious investment and your family’ safety and convenience is even more important. Don’t take risks with either call the maintenance and inspection specialists you can trust today and let us take care of the rest.

Advantages of Scheduled Maintenance Checks

By regularly having maintenance and inspection checks with us we can ensure you that your vehicle will operate to its optimal level. Not only that, but regular maintenance checks also save you dollars in the long. Fixing a minor problem early on will ensure that it doesn’t become a major problem at a later date. This will not only save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars but will also ensure that you’re not off the road for long. Replacement parts are pricey and can take time to source if you happen to drive a custom-built or rare vintage model. Don’t risk this headache and invest in regular maintenance checks instead.

What Does a Ken's Radiator & A.C. Repair, Inc. Maintenance Check Consist of?

Our team of skilled mechanics at Ken's Radiator & A.C. Repair, Inc. recommends that you bring your vehicle in for a routine check every 30,000 miles. This series of regular checks will ensure that your vehicle stays at its very best for longer. Our maintenance checks are vehicle specific which means that no two checks will ever be the same. In general, we will examine every part of your car or truck’s interior, paying particular attention to tuning up spark plugs and filters as well as oil changes and transmission maintenance. If your vehicle has driven over 250,000 miles then we will also change belts, rotors and test the battery as standard.

Thinking About Buying a Used Car?

If you’re considering buying a second-hand car then you need to make sure that it is properly inspected first. The best way of doing that is to bring it to our state-of-the-art garage in downtown Murray. Not only is our garage fully equipped with the most cutting-edge tools and equipment, but the skill and experience of our mechanics will ensure that you won’t end up buying a car that is past its sell-by date.